The best way to ensure you enjoy winter to its fullest is by giving your house some well-deserved maintenance. Ensure your house stays protected and is prepared for winter by following some advice that Riva Title Company has for you today.

Now that winter is officially here, it's time to give your house some maintenance. Winter can put your house under a lot of stress. From insulating your pipes, cleaning your gutters, and checking your fire detectors, this cold season demands that you give your home some well-deserved attention. If you are interested in this topic and would like to learn some advice on preparing your house for winter, read this article that Riva Title Company has for you.

Eliminate Drafts

Keep your home warm this winter by eliminating all drafts. Check your windows, doors, and entry points. If necessary, replace worn weather strips and doorstops. Ensure that all gaps are sealed properly. For baseboards, clean and dry the area properly. Next, fill any gaps between the floor and the trim with clear or white paintable caulking. Sealing leaks and gaps helps you stay warm and cozy during winter and increases your home’s energy-efficiency.

Clean Your Chimney

Are you planning on building a cozy fire at home this winter? To prevent any hazards or accidents, make sure your vents and chimney are in good condition. Otherwise, you increase the chances of having a chimney fire, and carbon monoxide can build up and find its way into your home. Don’t forget to order a load of firewood, keep it covered and stored in a good location in your yard. To ensure your chimney is in perfect condition, have it looked at by a professional.

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Check the Smoke Detectors

Check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Having large quantities of carbon monoxide inside your home can be very detrimental to your family's health. It is recommended to have some alarms in every room and every hallway of the house. Ensure that all your detectors are working properly. Checking the batteries in your smoke detectors should be done regularly, at least once a month.

Give Your Heating System Maintenance

Giving your heating and air conditioning systems maintenance during winter is vital. Most heating systems last up to 15 years when given proper maintenance. If you can’t remember the last time you had your heating and air system looked at by a professional, it’s time to do so. Hire an HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning) contractor and have them check your heating system and replace the filters. Checking your home’s heating system is the best way to ensure you have a warm and cozy house all winter long.

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Insulate Pipes

If you have exposed pipes in your cellar, add some insulation around them to keep them protected through winter. To do so, buy some foam tubes. It's recommended to buy about 10% more product than what you think you need. Otherwise, you might find yourself having to go back to the store for more. Cut the foam tubes and place them over the pipes. This will keep your pipes protected from the freeze and will save you a lot of trouble.

Check Your Gutters

Another way to keep your home safe and protected this winter is by cleaning your gutters. If your gutters are filled with debris, they can get clogged and lead the debris to freeze. When this happens, ice can get under the shingles and cause severe damage to your roof. Ask someone to help you and get a ladder as well as work gloves. Clean the gutters with your hands or by using a leaf blower. Also, adjust downspouts so that water can be directed 5 or 6 feet from your house. If you need help, don’t hesitate and call in a handyman.

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